Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Opening Day this Saturday, Noon Game

Dear Fuel Girls and families,

Just wanted you to know that a few things about last night's game and this week's schedule:

First, we have a game on Saturday vs. Dot's at 12:15 pmPlease arrive by noon at the latest.  Opening Day festivities begin at 10 am.  

The fields are booked for games tomorrow night, so we cannot practice.  If anyone wants to go to the fields on Friday night and throw the ball or hit, please contact me.  We are happy to come out.  Friday nights are always open practices, so we can't restrict players to just our team, but we can meet there at 7:30 pm.

We will not meet tomorrow (Thursday) night at our house (the Arnolds) because we have all had the flu.

A few things to remember from the our first game

1. Vector played a great game, is a good team and had a great night.  In life, in the workplace, in school - there will always be someone who you feel is better than you are.  When you know that you cannot win, tell yourself that you will not give up.  You may not win the game over your opponent on that particular occasion, but you can win their respect.  You win their respect by making their win as absolutely hard to achieve as possible.  We will talk through some mental toughness exercises to help with this type of thinking.

2.  We got intimidated by the fast pitching from the start.  The pitching got inconsistent in the second inning.  At one point, we got them worried about this.

3.  Several girls got down on themselves right from the start after their first error.  Girls, please know that we do not ever expect you to play perfect games.  In fact, we will not be upset about your errors.  Everyone makes errors.  We do expect that you will not give up. 

4.  There is no need to feel embarrassed about errors, changes in the line-up, on the field, missing the ball, or striking out.  Your coaches will strive to make sure everyone plays and we will move you around some.  Eventually you will be much more comfortable where you are playing. 

5.  You will have great games this season.  You will do very well.  I have seen you do really well in practice, and your training will come through.

6.  I appreciated the girls who continued to encourage others last night.  I appreciated the smiles and sweet spirits, and cooperation displayed by so many.  I am proud of every girl on this team, and I would not want any of you girls to be on another team.

7.  When you are frustrated, it is absolutely acceptable (and encouraged) to take out your frustration on the ball.  Before you get to practice (or a game), think of something that has made you mad.  Sports is a very healthy way to get out stress.  We want you to get out your stress in healthy and fun ways.  I can describe this for you in person more if you want.

8.  We feel honored to be your coaches, and are very glad you are part of this team.

9.  We had some girls who were sick in this game, and who kept fighting on.  I appreciate this excellent team spirit.  (And I hope no one got Baby Fred's germs.)

9.  Every game is a chance to hit "reset."  Girls, please do not over-analyze your performance from any one game.  We will start afresh with a clean slate. 

10.  Do reflect on the good things from last night's game:
Zyon's homerun!
Great attitudes and games from several players.
Great spirits from those players who were sick (I know of at least 2).
Players who did not give up.
Players who helped others on the field and in the dugout with gear.

Fire up the Fuel!

 - Coaches Steve & Nicole

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