Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Alex!

We can't believe that Alex turned 6 years old on May 11, 2017.

At School

He really wanted me to paint the Spirit Rock at the NCLA.  
Even the high school kids could see it!

The kindergarten class was ready for Steve's card magic.

The class wanted to see the magic up close.

Steve selected a volunteer (in paleontologist hat) from the crowd.

The concentration is intense.

Alex gave Mariana a ring during recess.  He said he is going to marry her.

Alex also gave Braelynn a ring at recess.  Alex said he will also marry her.

I led the kids in a bookmark-making art activity.  
They learned to draw dogs and cats using basic shapes.

They are hard at work.

Alex's table of friends with their bookmarks

Alex and his teacher, Mrs. French

Alex and Mrs. Logan (a few days later)

Puppies are ovals and circles and kittens are circles and triangles.

At Home

The Weekend = More Partying

Julie with Alex.  (What is Clarice doing in Granddad's pickup?)

Kim and Alex


Alex, Kim, Granddad

Mother's Day

Steve's family and my Mom and Chuck on Mother's Day at our church.
You can see Alex's first lost tooth.