Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Mr. Cheeto" by Clarice

This weekend, Clarice (14) cleaned up her room and came across this story that she wrote with her friends when she was in sixth grade.  I have transcribed Clarice's spelling and punctuation exactly as Clarice wrote it.

Mr. Cheeto:  Rough Draft
by Ellie, Ayla, Bekah and Clarice

Page 1
This story is about Mr. Cheeto and his life lesson.

One day Mr. Cheeto was hungry and wanted McDonalds.  He bought a big mac and brought it to work with him!

Page 2

When he walked through the door he saw his girlfriend, Ms. Chubbington Muffin.

Page 3:  Hi, you have McD.

After saying good morning to Ms. Chubbington Muffin, Mr. Cheeto gave her a hug.  That's when Ms. Chubbington Muffin realized Mr. Cheeto had McDonalds.

Page 4:  Can I have a fri?

"Oh, Darling, may I have a french fry?" said Ms. Chubbington Muffin.
"No," yelled Mr. Cheeto.

Page 5:  You can't have a fri

"I paid for the McDonalds my self and I'm not sharing with any one," said Mr. Cheeto.  Ms. Chubbington Muffin started getting very angry.

Page 6:  You never share

"You never share anything, Mr. Cheeto," cried Chubbington Muffin.  "Don't you know sharing is caring?" asked Chubbington Muffin.

Page 7:  Break up

Mr. Cheeto said, "I can't stand you."
"Then we're over," yelled Chubbington as she hit Mr. Cheeto with took her purse and walked out of the door.

Page 8:  Lesson

It was at this moment Mr. Cheeto realized sharing is caring, as he went to apologize to everyone he hurt.


Name:  Mr. Cheeto
Never shared:  his McDonalds
Outcome:  Chubbington Muffin broke up with him
Lesson:  Sharing is caring