Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Recent sketches & artwork for inspirational series

Steve's birthday & more family fun in July

Alex (Luigi) is pumped for Peanuts movie.  He loves all the Minion movies.

Alex already ate a bunch of Steve's birthday cake before Steve could come home for his party.  *Sigh*

Clarice & Karlie

He looks innocent.

But he is going to eat that cake.

Food Lion is for hot-rodding.

summer hair cuts

summer pool parties

Clarice is learning how to code and program.

We loved the movie "Woman in Gold" with Helen Mirren.

July 4 weekend: Sunday

Alex helps to lick the beaters of the red velvet cake batter I made for Granddad's party.

Clarice helped to make this red and blue velvet 2 layer heart-shaped cake for Granddad's party.

Alex looks like he is being good.

Aunt Susan & Uncle Lynn

Granddad & Clarice

Joel, David & Steve make the homemade peach and raspberry ice cream.

Jennifer Buchanan and John Grindstaff's kids

under the willow trees by the river

Memaw's house

Looking toward Ryan's house

cousins:  Grant, Ryan & Nicole

Nicole & Joel

Clarice with John Grindstaff's girls

Alex and his new friend back at the farm

the Montezuma church where Nicole wants her art studio

July 4 weekend in NC mountains: Saturday

Alex was glad to pick up Clarice at Camp Lurecrest.

Clarice with her cabin.

Minneapolis, NC, 4th of July Parade

Michael Buchanan & family

Granddad Joel & Clarice

Steve & Alex

Robert Service poetry for Independence Day weekend

View from the Fowler Farm Adirondack chairs

Steve with the girls

Steve and his brothers and sisters

Steve's family

Most of the grandkids at the farm

Steve salutes his dad in 1965

Dr. Gordon Arnold

Sheri & Steve

Cindi, Danny, Dad Arnold