Saturday, March 11, 2006

Illustration Friday: Tattoo

The Union Jack I proudly bear
Emblazoned in my bulldog hair.
A tribute to a fearsome man:
Dear Winston, 'twas your sturdy plan
That broke the chains of tyranny.
How I desire to honor thee.


Giles said...

Nice bulldog.

The Unknown said...

Great stuff!

Marie-Dom said...

Very clever! Great illustration.

Mimi said...

Great dog, great man, our Winston. I see Steve influence in this GREAT art.

Anonymous said...

Great work. Is your dog named Winston Churchill?

Carolyn said...

Wonderful! Winston rocks!

Ellen said...

LOL! Great illo!

Nicole said...

Catraven, this bulldog represents the spirit of the British people during the blitz as they would not give up!

It's just a small homage to Winston Churchill.

Madame_of_da_House said...

haha, cute bulldog...gotta love it. the little poem that goes with it is very interesting...i like it a lot. kudos, keep it up ^.^ <3