Saturday, April 15, 2017

Update on #the100DayProject

Just wanted you show you my progress for #the100DayProject happening on Instagram and Twitter.

Day 12: Painted a landscape on a 1" wood round with acrylic paints.  You can see the tiny hole in the top so we can hang this up later.

Day 11:  Easter Bunny on the brain!

Day 10:  classic Endearing Young Charm - handpainted flower in a bottlecap pendant

Day 9: #SaveTheBees

Day 8:  "Etched" flowers, handpainted

Day 7:  Baby penguins make everyone happy.

Day 6: 3-D roses

Day 5:  whimsical flower trio

Day 4:  Indian Blanket flowers

Day 3:  Yellow Daisy

I love how this project allows you to experiment with different media, take chances and then reflect later on whether you accomplished the desired effect.  We will see if I get anywhere near achieving my goals for this project.

I hope you are enjoying finding other projects on Twitter and Instagram, also.  Remember to look for the hashtag #the100dayproject to search easily for artists' work.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Family pictures: April 2017 back to January

April 2017

Alex, Steve and Clarice in the azaleas on Palm Sunday

The kids before church.  Clarice made her blouse!

Herbs digs for fossils at Dinosaur Reading Camp.

Herbs with his Leadership certificate from kindergarten 
(because character counts!)

Clarice (#8) at the bat

This is Clarice's second year on the Vector team for GAA softball.

Clarice is third from right (in black ball cap).

#8 (in black)

It's the time of year for Swim Lessons at the YMCA!

He loves the water!

Herbs in action

Alex says he is dressed like a character from the "Jurassic World" movie.

Alex waving to me during the Easter Egg Hunt at church

March 2017

Clarice, Keeley, Emily and Mary on the 8th Grade Washington, DC, trip

Alex tries on his new outfit for Easter (a little early)

Monique, Clarice & Lily are ready for the Masquerade Ball

February 2017

The daffodils bloomed early this year (in February) since we had such a warm month.

Alex with his friend during lunch at school.  
Marianna is on the left, and he has a crush on her.

Alex and friend, Levi, at church for Family Game Night.
Clarice made Alex's Sesame Street Grover shirt.

January 2017

Clarice also helped Alex make this rocketship + stars shirt for the 100th day
of school.  There are 100 stars on the shirt.  He was so proud of this shirt.

Alex and Mimi

Chuck, Alex, and Mimi before lunch

Steve and Alex in the snow (first weekend in January)

Memaw (Jannie Carter) with the kids

Alex gives Memaw a hug.  Memaw loves hugs!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Mr. Cheeto" by Clarice

This weekend, Clarice (14) cleaned up her room and came across this story that she wrote with her friends when she was in sixth grade.  I have transcribed Clarice's spelling and punctuation exactly as Clarice wrote it.

Mr. Cheeto:  Rough Draft
by Ellie, Ayla, Bekah and Clarice

Page 1
This story is about Mr. Cheeto and his life lesson.

One day Mr. Cheeto was hungry and wanted McDonalds.  He bought a big mac and brought it to work with him!

Page 2

When he walked through the door he saw his girlfriend, Ms. Chubbington Muffin.

Page 3:  Hi, you have McD.

After saying good morning to Ms. Chubbington Muffin, Mr. Cheeto gave her a hug.  That's when Ms. Chubbington Muffin realized Mr. Cheeto had McDonalds.

Page 4:  Can I have a fri?

"Oh, Darling, may I have a french fry?" said Ms. Chubbington Muffin.
"No," yelled Mr. Cheeto.

Page 5:  You can't have a fri

"I paid for the McDonalds my self and I'm not sharing with any one," said Mr. Cheeto.  Ms. Chubbington Muffin started getting very angry.

Page 6:  You never share

"You never share anything, Mr. Cheeto," cried Chubbington Muffin.  "Don't you know sharing is caring?" asked Chubbington Muffin.

Page 7:  Break up

Mr. Cheeto said, "I can't stand you."
"Then we're over," yelled Chubbington as she hit Mr. Cheeto with took her purse and walked out of the door.

Page 8:  Lesson

It was at this moment Mr. Cheeto realized sharing is caring, as he went to apologize to everyone he hurt.


Name:  Mr. Cheeto
Never shared:  his McDonalds
Outcome:  Chubbington Muffin broke up with him
Lesson:  Sharing is caring


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Party for Dalainee

Video Diary of 8th grade NCLA girls for Dalainee

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

at Hayworth Wesleyan Church

We made Sesame Street t-shirts.

Counting by 2s with Alex

Clarice with Santa Cow at ChickFilA

The House of Sweetiepies by Alex (with him and Clarice)